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Hello, I am Lily Nava-Nicholson, I am an Artist and Art Business Consultant. I have been creating, marketing and selling my original paintings since 2005. 


I work with creatives to help them eliminate their fear of marketing and selling their artwork by educating them on the business of art, and be paid what they are worth. 

Your Top 5 Challenges: 

1.  You need help navigating the "Business of Art" from a coach who 

      understands your business and social media presence

2.  You need help getting your art in front of your ideal clients

3.  You are not being paid what your art and you are worth!

4.  You constantly compare yourself with other artists

5.  You are afraid to use your voice to advocate for yourself, an example of this is relying on galleries for art sales; Galleries take a 50/50 split when your painting sells, you did all the creating and poured your heart and soul into it, in my eyes, you are the only one that should be getting paid!  

Benefits of Coaching with Me:

1.  You will identify "blocks" and eliminate them so you can get unstuck and

make the changes you desire permanent.

2.  You will be educated on the "Business of Art"

3.  You will identify your Ideal Client - the ones that you are looking for, and

that are also looking for you 

4.  You will be confident, courageous and bold in your creative business.

5.  You will learn to shift your mindset so it works for you!

6.  You will ask for and be paid what you are worth!

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"Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs" 

What People are Saying About Lily

"Lily is good at so many things, but for me personally, I have always felt that she sees me for who I am, that I am understood, accepted and loved and meant for greater good. Please know how this improves the quality of my life experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." —  Leslie M.


"Lily expresses herself honestly and reaches people on all levels." —  Sandra R.

"Lily is a natural leader in an unintimidating way that benefits those who are fortunate enough to meet and coach with her.  Lily brings clarity to those who need direction or correction.  Lily creates a world on integrity and joy. —  Paul P.

"Lily is comfortable with herself because she radiates love for others.  Her greatest gift ...she gives understanding to others without saying the words.  Her heart is unstoppable. People need to see this example.  Lily teaches by example. Keep shining, Lily!" —  Rickey H.

"Instead of ruminating and giving energy to negativity from outside sources, I have incorporated Lily's mindset tools to visualize or individual affecting me, which then causes that negativity to dissipate and moves my energy into a positive space."

—  Leslie M.

"From personal experience Lily is great at calming a person and bringing them good mojo also bringing peace of mind."  —  Nancy A.

"The obvious is Lily is good at being creative. I also believe she is good at encouraging others in a way that makes them want to do better. Lily is also a wonderful storyteller." —  Ronda D.

"Lily has insight into people and into their immediate soul progress, their soul future. She sees them for what they are, not what they think they are right now--she sees them AFTER the self-discovery they are about to experience." —  Pam A. 

"In my experience that I have had with Lily, she is very good at reaching out and inspiring/encouraging/motivating and offering support to people ..... even if she has not met them in person!!!" —  Jaime M.

"Lily is unbelievably kind, encouraging and genuine." —  Jaime M.


"In the short time I have known Lily, I have been in awe of how she defines herself, on her own intuitive terms, not by what is “expected” of her." —  Barbie M.


"Lily is incredibly creative, thoughtful and innovative with approaching to selling.  She enthustically approaches every opportunity for success, leaving no stone unturned."—  Lainie S.

"Your life's journey is your canvas,  

be bold , confident and intentional with the colors of your mindset" 

-Lily Nava, Artist, Empowerment Coach, Soul Guide

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