I am, Lily Nava-Nicholson, a visionary artist based in Southern California.  My paintings are intuitive and bring to life the essence of the “in between” energy and visions of our multidimensional universe. I paint from a soul level channeling from flow. My paintings are portals that transport viewers to enchanted realms that whisper sacred words of wisdom meant just for them. Painting and empowering others are my passions and what led me to create The Pathfinder Code: Powered by Intuition and Creativity®. 


My artistic services also branch out to individuals and businesses in the form of (1) consulting to transform their spaces through the placement of my orignal inspirational art as a focal point and (2) hand-painted business logos for their unique branding needs.  Through this process I assist them to both clear, organize to bring a cohensive and calm vibration to their space and business.

I also offer intuitive coaching for creatives on the "Business of Art" and bring their ideas to life in the current online climate.   Learn more about working with me 1.1 at The Pathfinder Code® Official website at www.thepathfindercode.com

I am also passionate in my support of meaningful causes like, The Peace Project, SSV Energy Summit at the NASA, Bridging Heaven and Earth Art Project, NAMI, Southern Nevada College, Music 2 Heal the Earth, and many more, all of which have a common theme to support planetary sustainability, world peace and our people.  I worked with Cinder Cone Worldwide Media for the "Music 2 Heal the Earth" project.  I designed and handpainted the logo for the project's branding launched in the USA and Europe. 

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All Rights Reserved: Lily Nava Gallery Fine Art & Design by Lily Nava-Nicholson 2020

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Contact Email: lily@lilynavagallery.com